Souvenirs and Gifts from the Graefenberg-Zone

G as in Gräfenberg


The G spot has been round the world.

All know about it or at least have heard of it, and many

have searched for it, with varying degrees of success.


But! Where does the name come from? What does the G

stand for? Well that’s simple – it stands for Gräfenberg or

more precisely the gynecologist and scientist Dr Ernst Gräfenberg.


Google it, this is not a joke, Ernst Gräfenberg reported his discoveries

about the G spot in the 1950s and scientifically it is referred to as the

Gräfenberg Spot (or Zone). Just to be sure that you pronounce it correctly,

the “ä” in the German name sounds like the “a” in English gravy –

who knows, that could be important in your search if this topic is new to you.


Also you can google that there’s only one town in the world named Gräfenberg.

So now there’s a G spot that all can discover at the first go. In Gräfenberg, just off

the Fünf-Seidla-Steig, half an hour’s drive north from Nuremberg. In this G spot

you’ll find plenty to make men and women happy.



Opening hours: Friday - Sunday, 2 pm - 8 pm CET (April - September)


Tel: +49 1525 3698102


Address: Bahnhofstrasse 50, 91322 Graefenberg







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